To remain competitive and provide convenience for their residents, health facilities continue to explore the option of providing dialysis services in house. However, the addition of a new renal service can be labor intensive and requires specialized management and significant infrastructure improvements.

The key issues that we review for dialysis architecture during project development include:

1. Will the client lease space to an operator or construct their own build out?

2. The most important ingredient in dialysis treatment is pure water. Water treatment methodology must be determined early in the design process. Will water be treated locally at each station, which is more labor intensive, or centrally with water piped to each dialysis station creating better quality control?

3. Dialysis suites must be fed by emergency power, so the existing emergency generator and distribution system capacity must be evaluated.

4. Treatment areas require a higher number of fresh air changes. A new dedicated HVAC system is most often required to meet ventilation requirements.