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Design Matters

At JWB, We Help You Build Your Vision. Our approach to Architecture and Design focuses on a close collaboration with the client supported by clear lines of communication from the first sketch to the ribbon cutting.

Design Matters. A tight budget might be overcome by using simple materials innovatively. A short time frame might be overcome by modular design that can be prefabricated. A small footprint might be overcome through the use of modular furniture systems that allow a single space to serve multiple functions. Good Design Informs a Buildings Development, Shapes the Result and Inspires Those Who Use It.

We Take an Integrated Approach to Design, Tapping Our Expertise in All of Our Service Areas; interiors, sustainability, planning, project management and site design to produce cohesive and attractive solutions.

Our Award Winning Designs Are Also Practical and “Buildable”. We draw upon the strong engineering and construction backgrounds of our senior staff to produce well-coordinated and highly detailed construction documents.

JWBs total quality management program insures that a Commitment to Excellence is a Priority for the Entire Firm.

Our Goal is to Help You Achieve Your Goals. Our Team will work with your Team to understand and implement your project’s program within the required budget and within the specified time frame.

John W. Baumgarten Architect, P.C.