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Project Management

Architects are really good at organizing a wide array of seemingly unrelated information into a cohesive whole. It’s what we do! That’s why Architects make the best project managers.

A good project manager also needs to understand your organization, its mission and its culture. Your PM should be more than an administrator, they should be your strategic planning partner.

At JWB, we realize it’s your project. We are really good listeners and can organize and translate your goals and objectives into a detailed space program.

We “see the whole board” to help identify your project’s critical path. By identifying obstacles, dependent tasks and long lead items, we help manage the project timeline.

Working with your in-house team, we help manage your vendors and integrate their work into and integrated set of construction documents.

Our large portfolio of recently completed projects gives us a real time cost database for accurate estimating. We will also leverage our contractor relationships to deepen your bid list.

The bottom line: We know what levers to pull and in what order. We help bring your project in on-time & on-budget