Architecture Project Management


Managing Your Project’s Critical Path

Funding Coordination

  • Establish Owners Preferred Project Delivery Method
  • Assess Relative Impacts of Funding Options
  • Preliminary Project Cash Flow Analysis

Regulatory Assessment

  • Identify Required Approvals/Entitlements and Estimate Relative Timelines

Identify Stake Holders/Task Assignments

  • Design Professionals & Sub Consultants
  • Owner’s Management Team
  • Owner’s Vendors

Establish Project Lines of Communication

  • Flow of Information to the Team
  • Schedule Standing Meetings & Teleconferences

Assemble The Project Team

  • Create Short Lists of Professionals & Vendors
  • Interview Short Lists to Finalize Bid Lists
  • Create and Issue RFPs
  • Review & Level Bids
  • Interview Low Bidders
  • Make Award Recommendations

Construction Documents

Quality Assurance

  • Peer Reviews
  • Constructability Assessments

Bidding & Procurement

  • Establish Contractor Short Lists
  • Conduct Pre-Bid Interviews/Check References
  • Write and Release RFPs (GCs & Key Vendors)
  • Review and Level Bids

Construction Phase Services

  • On-Site Meetings with Documentation
  • Review Payment Requisitions
  • Cash Flow Monitoring
  • Schedule Tracking
  • Dispute Arbitration
  • Change Order Review & Negotiation
  • Identify Budget Variance Solutions
  • Monitor Project Closeout Checklists

Post Occupancy

  • Site Visit/Lesson Learned Summary