Building Envelope

  • Curtain Wall Replacement

    This project involved the complete replacement of a school’s exterior curtain wall system. This special needs school has little down-time during the school year so the project’s phasing plan was as critical as its technical details.

    Working with a local fabricator who could produce the specified curtain wall sections quickly, we were able to eliminate long lead times and synchronize material availability with classroom down-time to meet a demanding schedule.

  • Facade Re-Cladding

    We proposed and implemented the phased replacement of an existing metal and glass curtain wall with an exterior insulation and finish system. This metal stud and “synthetic stucco” system provides a warmer, more residential appearance while improving the thermal performance of the building’s exterior. We overcame the complexities of such a large project in an occupied building by developing a carefully thought out phasing plan.

Today’s competitive health care environment demands facilities that feature state-of-the-art amenities for short and long term residents. The initial image that a facility portrays begins at its doorstep. A visitor’s first steps, from the curb to the reception desk go a long way in making that first impression – be it favorable or unfavorable.

We have helped many of our clients’ facilities make a lasting impression by designing upgrades to their public spaces and amenity areas. These alterations and additions often extend to a redesign and re-cladding of the façade, using more aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient materials to give a building a fresh look and new identity.