• Upscale Italian Restaurant

    Together with Dallago Associates Inc., we relocated and upsized a popular Long Island eatery to better serve its growing customer base. The owner’s were looking for a layout that would give their clients a variety of seating options and allow for an array of different dining and service options. The customer experience can range from a quiet drink at the espresso bar to dinner for 2 or even a private party for the entire family. Behind the scenes, we doubled the size of the kitchen and added a service elevator to access the cellar storage areas. On the exterior, we added an entry “tower” to give the restaurant a distinct identity among its commercial neighbors.

  • Fast Casual Restaurant

    This new restaurant which started out as an old-style diner is located in an industrial Urban neighborhood. Taking our our cue from the neighborhood “vibe”, we gave the restaurant  a “manufacturing” look by exposing the high-story steel roof structure, installing epoxy flooring, exposing ductwork, using industrial lighting and featuring stainless steel counters and equipment.

  • Specialty Beverage Kiosk

    This beverage kiosk in a suburban shopping mall was designed with finishes that can compete aesthetically with the surrounding architecture. The colors and tones were selected for both consistency and contrast with the established palette of the mall while the clean linear lines were juxtaposed with the angular geometry of the sloping glass roof structure.

In any restaurant or institution that provides food services, the ambiance of a gourmet dining experience is key to attracting and retaining its customers. Behind the scenes, state-of-the-art kitchens are the key to serving a variety of satisfying meals cleanly and efficiently.

In renovating large commercial or institutional kitchens, the “how” and “when” are just as important as the “what”. The creation of swing/temporary kitchens, the use of mobile kitchens, interim outsourcing of food service and menu adaption are all techniques we have used to keep a facilities’ food service chain functioning during a major kitchen replacement or other hospitality architecture project.