Health Care


    This conversion of a commercial space into a community health center was the first step in establishing this cutting-edge provider as one of the premier physical therapy organizations on Long Island.

    The facility is organized around a central physical therapy “Gym” with ample space for ambulation, equipment specific exercise and one-on-one treatment cubicles.

    The health center also features a complete Article 28 Compliant Diagnostic & Treatment Center with 10 exam rooms and supporting administrative and clinical spaces.

  • Brooklyn Health Center

    This 25,000 square foot Outpatient Clinic will serve as the Brooklyn Flagship for a well-known Not-for-Profit Organization. Featuring sweeping views of Downtown Brooklyn, this medical center includes a full service Pharmacy and an on-site Phlebotomy Lab along with four treatment “Pods” each with an array of medical exam rooms and mental health consult rooms. The client’s vision was a relatively neutral finish palate punctuated with color through the use of playful furnishings, lighting and art work. We are extremely proud to help bring this clinic on-line so that an underserved community can gain access to quality healthcare.

  • Smile Dental

    This Bronx New York Neighborhood Dental Center is located on the ground floor of a new residential apartment building. A heavily reinforced structural matt slab made the routing of plumbing lines challenging. Our use of one-way window film took advantage of the ample glazed area to make a relative small clinic footprint seem much larger.

  • Ground-up Skilled Nursing

    This recently completed, 5-story 280 bed State of the Art Rehabilitation and Nursing Center features some of the latest advances in Senior Care.

    The building has been designed to provide a wide array of Long Term Care and Short-Term Subacute services to include; an on-site Renal Dialysis Center, a dedicated Respiratory Care Unit and a Rehabilitation suite that will rival any health club.

    The design focuses on the resident experience where comfort, privacy and independence are supported by cutting edge technology wrapped in a modern aesthetic.

    A premier care setting needs premier amenities and this facility has them. Each resident floor features an open floor plan dining space designed with the look and feel of a fine restaurant. China, silverware and table cloths will complete this elegant setting.  Private dining rooms are also available to residents and families celebrating “that special event”.

    On the building’s ground floor, a large event-sized venue will be clad in a high-end aesthetic to rival the finest of hotel ballrooms.  Resident floors feature a variety of lounge spaces ranging from cozy reading nooks to comfortable seating areas for residents and families.

    One of the Center’s most exciting features is its health club style rehabilitation suite.  Featuring activities of daily living programs designed to “get short term residents back home”.  The open style gym space was designed with lighting and finishes that promote energy and movement.

    With A/E Design

  • Dialysis Center

    With Helene Marcus Interior Design. A separate make-ready phase for this 20-station dialysis project involved relocating first floor nursing home dining and therapy spaces to the building’s lower level. The greatest challenge we faced with the Bushwick Dialysis Facility design was planning a cohesive treatment unit while dealing with an ‘immovable object” in the form of a major structural bearing wall. Our solution was in effect to build two treatment suites with a central nurses station straddling each side of the bearing wall. The proposed design created a positive outcome from a negative existing condition by increasing patient acoustical and visual privacy without duplicating staff and clinical support areas. The facility features a central water equipment room from which RO water, acid and bicarbonate are piped to all treatment stations.

  • Community Dental Clinic

    The existing practice was renovated and reconfigured to provide for an expanded number of exam rooms/dental operatories. The expanded D & TC was designed and constructed in compliance with the applicable provisions of the State Hospital Code.

  • Outpatient Dialysis Center

    A leading dialysis provider tasked us with converting approximately 11,000 square feet of vacant ground floor office space into a 25-station renal dialysis center. The existing conditions presented several unique challenges. The building’s facade featured multiple openings with floor-to-ceiling glass which the Landlord requested remain. This created a direct conflict with the treatment room millwork as the rear of the cabinetry would be visible from the exterior. We chose to apply an opaque decorative film to the existing glazing which not only concealed the millwork, but reduced heat gain and external glare. Careful coordination of the new underground plumbing system was required due to a shallow on-site sanitary sewer. The project included a new barrier free ramp to link the parking lot with the dialysis entry.

  • Outpatient Dialysis Center

    Our goal was to create a comfortable style that puts this national dialysis provider’s patients and caregivers at ease from the moment they walk through the door. A cultured stone fireplace flanked by warm colors and wood trimmed wainscoting evoke a traditional Connecticut aesthetic. For the treatment room we chose to contrast the softer tones of the public spaces with a bright color palate and a bold floor pattern to create a sense of energy and vibrancy.

The changing face of health care on the regulatory side has created a tidal wave of change on the design side. JWB is committed to helping our health care architecture clients ride that wave.

Hospital consolidations and reorganizations have created the need for new In-patient and Out-patient programs and services. We have helped our clients establish ambulatory health centers across many specialties including; Dialysis, Dental, Pediatrics, Pain Management, GI, Imaging, Oncology, Rehabilitation and Mental Health. Our experience also extends to multi-specialty ambulatory surgery centers.

Our In-patient health care architecture portfolio includes; Dialysis, Cardiology, Psychiatric, Laboratories, OBGYN/ Maternity, ER/ED and administrative support (multiple departments).