Community Facility

  • PACE Center

    A leading senior care service provider with an emphasis on serving the frail elderly wished to support the senior population in the surrounding community. We assisted them in developing a 20,000 square foot PACE Center (Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly).  Spanning two separate levels to create a senior center with recreational, therapeutic, diagnostic and administrative functional areas, it provided all the essential services to provide care to its seniors floor of a housing complex solidifies its role as a community resource

  • Senior Center

    Senior care organization, commissioned us to design a new senior center in a rental space directly across the street from their main campus. The existing building site is a five story heavy timber former warehouse building with ample light, significant headroom and exposed brick walls. The owner’s program required two large central spaces facing the buildings’ front and rear window walls surrounded by staff and program support spaces. Our design evokes the building’s “former life” as a loft manufacturing space through the use of linear pendant lighting, exposed ductwork and white washed existing brick walls. This simple backdrop is then contrasted by the bold use of color and pattern in the furnishings and finishes.

  • Community Health Center

    A regionally  based healthcare network providing a comprehensive contiuum of care to seniors; tasked us with designing a state-of-the art community health center.  We have designed a significant amount of corporate space to support their primary programs. Where possible, our goal is to introduce as much daylight into an office environment as possible for the client. Studies have shown that natural light improves one’s mood and can lead to improved productivity. Where direct daylighting cannot be achieved, we try to “borrow” light through the use of glazed walls and transoms. In interior spaces, we like to introduce natural woods along with colors and materials that evoke the outdoor environment. We often feature an aquarium of significant size to reinforce a natural theme.

  • Adult Day Care

    An Adult Day Care is tailored to individuals who are physically disabled or have complex medical problems. With its own rehabilitation therapists, medical director and social workers, the Adult Day Care center serves as a bridge to all services necessary to help people with medical problems live at home. We renovated and converted a 34,000 square foot office building to house this senior-care program which also includes diagnostic, therapeutic and psych-social support services. Professional services included architectural design, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, interior design, site planning and civil engineering.

  • Community PACE Center

    We had originally designed this PACE Center in 2003. By 2011, the programs had filled the center to its capacity. A landlocked site would not permit a physical addition. Our solution was to “shuffle the spatial deck” with a series of phased relocations and renovations. First we converted underutilized cellar storage space into a corporate office suite. This required the installation of a new elevator using complex excavation, dewatering and underpinning techniques. Staff was then relocated from an existing first floor clerical suite into the newly created cellar business offices. With the first floor office suite vacated, we then converted the empty space into a new program room featuring a multi-level, pyramidal skylight as its focal point.

A community center should appear open and welcoming while fitting each “center” seamlessly into the fabric of its neighborhood. Our keys to community facility architecture success are to focus on making functionality complete with all of the necessary support spaces while wrapping the program in an inviting and bright aesthetic.

Working as both architect and strategic client partner, we have designed a large number of community centers covering a wide variety of programs which include: medicine, vocational training, special education, mental health and adult day care.