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Health Care Consulting

JWB has been designing in the Health Care and Senior Care arenas for over 20 years. During this time we have acquired a sophisticated level of regulatory expertise that we can bring to bear to solve our clients code related issues.

The experienced professionals at JWB focus on the intent of governing codes, not the chapter and verse. This allows us to offer alternatives and equivalencies to surveyors and code officials often resulting in better and more cost effective ways to correct cited deficiencies.

Our large portfolio of past and recent projects also allows us to tap a “Real Time” construction cost database. We use this cost knowledge base to assist our clients with physical plant assessments and the preparation of related capital budgets.

JWB also offers our client’s facility pre-acquisition assistance where we combine our code compliance expertise and cost database to determine the scope and cost of alterations that will be needed due to code deficiencies and deferred maintenance on the part of the “seller”. In some cases this has resulted in a significant reduction in the selling price.