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Quite often an organization feels the need to expand it’s service lines and/or its physical plant and is not sure how to move forward. How much space do we need?  Do we renovate what we have?  Do we find a new location? What will all this cost?

These are legitimate questions that require careful consideration. Your team most likely recognizes the need for professional guidance but may not want to commit to a full plate of Architectural services to find out if your project is feasible. That’s where our team at JWB can help.

We have an array of modestly priced services to help you give structure to your goals  (Programming), Shape to your Vision (Space Planning) and define a fiscal framework for it all (Budgeting).

If you are expanding beyond your current building, we can leverage our experience and relationships to help you find space, evaluate its code compliance, head off potential environmental issues and produce a test-fit plan with a budget attached.

Let JWB Vet Your Vision so you can make informed decisions based on solid information.